December 1, 2016

Photographer unknown

Dear Diary,

I’m back home after what seemed like eternity. I had the most exciting semester but I think my winter will be even more exciting.

Things I look forward to do:

  • I am so tired of bad mess food and expensive restaurant food. Mom will be my solace. Aren’t moms amazing?
  • Of course. Exams, all-nighters, same old story. Watch me hibernate like a bear under my thick blanket and comforter, ignoring the existence of the world.
  • Surf (the internet). Of course it’s the internet. Not having to get out of bed, endlessly trolling friends on social media and movies, TV series, trailers and Music Videos. The perfect life, ah!

It’s so cold here. I feel like Princess Elsa with her icy touch. But winter has it’s perks, doesn’t it? Endless hugs from mom, dad and Max. That reminds me, I need to fix an appointment with the vet for Max to keep him on his schedule for vaccination. I love Max. He’s so cuddly, warm and fluffy. When he sleeps at night with his little blanket covering him, looking at him is pure bliss.

I think I must sleep now. The train journey was so exhausting. And later, for dinner, dad offered to take us out to the new Barbecue joint. Yay, I finally get good food after surviving on Dal rice and Maggi.

I just got back from dinner. I had such an amazing time. The restaurant’s ambience was beautiful and playing my favourite songs.  The food was extremely delicious; the kebabs were cooked to perfection and the concoction of herbs for the chutney gave the perfect start to my vacation. And of course, the quality time I got to spend with my parents after so long was priceless. Mom caught me up with the family gossip – engagement of a cousin, a neighbour’s promotion to a post in Germany and other petty stories. I caught them on with my last few months at college.

Home is the feeling I craved for. Now that it’s here, I’m cherishing every minute of it. There are just a couple of weeks of home before college reopens. Such thoughts for later, let me enjoy the moment now. I’ll start panicking when it’s too close to the reopening date. How typical of me to procrastinate everything, even panicking.

That’s it for today.

Good night, diary.


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