December 13, 2016

Photographer unknown

Hey Diary!

I was supposed to meet my friend, Ria for brunch and shopping at 11. I woke up at 10:30 and hurried and cursed myself for fixing a rendezvous so early on a holiday. Of course, she was mad that I was late but it was all lost in all the fun we had at the Mall. We had brunch at the café and dived into the wonderful world of shopping. The winter sale made everything so tempting. Thank God for her presence. For every product I got excited about and wanted to buy, she’d help me rationally decide on what I need. We bought a couple of clothes and shoes. I promised myself I wouldn’t get hyper about my purchases of the day but I loved every single item. #noregrets

The best part of today was running into Ria’s ex-boyfriend at the mall. Okay, she might not consider it to be the best part but it was hilarious watching her trying to evade him. Finally, they did talk, a short hi-how’s life kinda conversation. The awkwardness existed and for the rest of the day she went into these random bouts of complaining. The sparks of memories of the past are very powerful and it can light up the day. But whether these sparks can burn my day down or be a guiding light is not in my hands. Well, today, nostalgia just made me happy as the familiarity made me feel comfortable in my zone. But that wasn’t the case for Ria. Triggered memories were strong but she handled it maturely. I am really proud that she has grown up to this wonderful person.

Anyway, I came back home in the evening and got my dose of scolding from mom for over-indulging in shopping, but well, the shopping was worth it. It was such a pleasant feeling to feel familiar to an environment, yet knowing certain things have changed for the better. I Netflixed through the whole evening till my mom called me for dinner.  I fed Max and cleaned out his water bowl when dad came home. We watched some TV together. We were planning to purchase a new tree for Christmas and buy ornaments and set it up soon. The excitement of the holidays is setting in and there is so much to prepare with. But that’s for a later day. I’m really tired now.

Good night, diary.


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