A Drizzle in Aleppo

Photography credit- mirror.co.uk

Mama, it’s raining out there!
Why is water pouring from the sky, mom?
Is someone crying and is that why we have a storm?
Is someone watering the plants from the skies?
We’re not plants- the kid loudly cries;
I want to go out and play, good bye.

Mama, there’s a giant bird in the sky!
Are people really inside that bird, ma?
Can we really touch the skies, ma?
Can metal really make us fly, ma?
I want to fly.

Mama, there are lots of giant birds in the sky!
No ma, I’m not coming inside;
I wanna see them and dream, ma.
Ma, something is falling from the sky
It’s not rain ma, there’s fire and I don’t know why;
I haven’t seen Dad after he went out ma,
I’m very scared, ma.
Ma, where are you? Come here ma, I’m scared. Ma!



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