Surrender and Soar

Photography by Ashley

A flickering bulb,
A pencil stub.
An unfamiliar earring in his car,
Or perhaps just a broken string in your guitar.
The world screams Almost. Nearly. So close.
Everything is your reminder, they’re alarms.
You’re searching for fragments,
To fill that hollow in your chest.
Yet, you’re haunted. Those memories torment.
Echoing in your thoughts,
The everlasting pit in your stomach,
And you scream, you’ve bargained for too much.
You’re hiding yourself in caves, and sinking in boats.
And you’d be lying there, comatose.
Just a pulse and a pair of lungs don’t make life,
‘You won’t know till you’ve felt the blade of that knife’
And on some days, you’ll sit and wonder,
It used to be Cotton candy and Ferris wheels.
You’ll watch the sunrise at dawn after a sleepless night,
Golden rays bring out the red in your heels.
It’ll melt that Arctic heart; you’ll surrender, and finally give up the fight.
Why isn’t it merry fairs and kittens that purr?
You’ll weave silver threads from torn promises and tears,
And sew that heart back in here.
Swim in the ocean you desired to hold still.
The ebb of the tide erases names off shorelines.
You’ll be drenched and giggling, till it’s all a blur.
Rising from the ashes, you’re a Phoenix, if you will.
The sapphire from a sunken treasure,
Peeping out from underneath,
Be mesmerised at how the world shines.
And if they try to give you a wreath,
You’ll never agree to pluck flowers just to watch them wilt.




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