Free Lancing

Photography by Simon Winnall

Our generation is all for chaos.
Steady jobs and cushy packages,
Can never compensate for, wanting to be my own boss.
Nobody gets to dictate my life,
That’s acceptable, no?
To free-lance for a job?
To never commit to an 8-to-5 living?
And yet,
To free-lance with my heart,
Still brings judgment and prying eyes,
And biased opinions and character sketches,
Remarks and your two pence –
Cutting into me, like sharp blades.
What if I cannot commit to a man,
Or a woman,
To a person at all?
What if I want to be able to live in the same instability,
The same chaos, day after day?
If your family planning and retirement goals,
Don’t match with mine,
I don’t apologize,
Because I don’t care,
And yet,
You do.

Funny, how people think it’s okay to free-lance with ambition,
And yet free-lancing with love is problematic –
To have more than one job, is reasonable,
And yet having more than one lover is blasphemy;
Millennial love-stories were never conventional,
We’re all progressive and mature,
Self-proclaimed liberals,
Rebels without cause,
And yet,
Kiss me if I’m wrong,
But are we not all hypocrites?
No traditionalist ever became a revolutionary!




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