The Circle Of Life

All between a sunrise, and a sunset.

A wail pierced through and two smiles grew.

The eyes glistened while happy tears threatened.

What was once two,

Became a family new.


Giggles and cries always fill the air,

Whilst draining the energy of the ‘mere’.

Clapping and squealing in delight,

The tiny human crawled through life.


Woken up at the crack of dawn,

The child gets ready with a bag in tow.

On coming home, he disappears into a world of his own

Returning only when it is a must.


Now neither an adult nor a child,

He’d often spend time pondering.

Reflecting ideas off the wall,

As he dreamt of  what his future beholds.


Time had come for him to soar,

And to go off on his own.

Like a warrior he sauntered past the world,

All while trying to shatter the glass ceiling.


He was soon hit by a force.

T’was none other than the other half of his soul.

It was time for him to hear the weeping of his own broods.

And soon time just passed by.


Tired, he sits down and drops his cane,

As he observes those around.

He hears a sound of a wail piercing through.

He smiles thinking – “And so begins the circle of life”.

~Sahithi R


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