Unravelling The Waves

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Among the pebbles is a gravel of stories.

As I sit here beside the sea-shore
I think about how I could fall in love here.
I see the light from across the street lamp
Illuminating the waves in its golden hue
As I sit across this majestic view and watch
The amazing camaraderie between the sea and rocks
As it comes back and forth
I think to myself how many people must have ventured
The secrets that the waves must be telling the rocks
Do they speak of the pain of unrequited love
How the waves are not the rocks’ to clutch
Or do they speak of the insignificance
That each life is
For every wave comes and goes
Back to where they might be from
Or do they speak of homecomings
How every wave must bring with it
A tiny remnant from someone’s home
From whatever corner of the world
To gather them all across the rocks’
For people to catch a glimpse here and there
And find a familiar sight wherever they are
It probably speaks of transience of words and actions and life in general
And how every ripple creates it’s mark on the rocks
And how over time the rock wears down
And finally meets the sea
And thus completes the story that once began
But how it ends we’ll never see.



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